Parent Coaching

Our coaching assists parents in learning strategies to confidently and successfully advocate for their child.  With our support, you will gain the assurance that you are communicating your child’s case most effectively to the school district.  Remember, it is every parent’s right to be informed and to be an active member in IEP meetings.  We are available for long-distance coaching via video conference or over the phone.

Comprehensive Review & Analysis

Here at Brylan Advocates we conduct a comprehensive review of your child’s records in order to have a clear understanding of your child’s needs.  Records are always kept in the most strictest of confidence and include, but not limited to, school and/or private evaluations, report cards, work samples, physician reports, relevant school correspondence and 504/IEP’s. We can identify pertinent information that oftentimes gets overlooked.  We will then provide recommendations for appropriate steps moving forward.  We are available for long-distance review and assessment.

School Placement

As a close and trusted resource, we counsel families in making the best decision for themselves and their child in regards to selecting an appropriate school environment.  We help students and families choose a program that is a good personal match and will foster the student’s academic and social growth. With the help of Brylan Advocates, families will better understand the different options, and how and why they are appropriate.  We are available for long-distance school placement services.


Brylan Advocates has years of experience drafting effective correspondence. Under our guidance, feel confident making your point while still maintaining an amicable relationship with your school.

Meeting Representation

Here at Brylan Advocates, we understand how emotional and overwhelming an IEP/504/Eligibility Meeting can be.  Too often parents go into a meeting with a clear plan and leave feeling unsatisfied and frustrated.  We have years of experience mediating and collaborating and can assist you in effectively getting your point across and amicably discussing what is best for your child. `

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