We can push through the barriers together

Many things in life shouldn’t be done alone and getting through the special education waters is one of them.  It can be confusing, emotional and exhausting yet can be extremely rewarding.  Let us help your child get the resources to be successful.


All of our services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We understand some families simply want a little guidance and support while getting to understand special education laws. Alternatively, other families are looking for more in-depth support through research, coaching and direct representation.  Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the level of support you are looking for. 

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Collaboration.  That is how I believe progress happens. I started Brylan Advocates because I saw a need for more collaboration and less heated debates around the IEP table and a child’s education.  After years of working in the private practice of law, I decided I wanted to be involved in a roundtable discussion rather than a courtroom. I believe this is more efficient and cost effective than litigation.  With knowledge, preparation and collaboration, we can help all children make progress and prepare them for a great future. 


Bring a friend. Bring a neighbor. Bring a relative. Bring anyone who knows your child to your IEP meeting so YOU have support.
As much as you think you’re being present, it can get emotional and it’s essential to have someone there for support, to take notes for you, and just be an extra set of ears. ❤️

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I think assistive technology is great when used properly, and there is a need for it with a student. I do believe that when we are using assistive technology to help support the student, there is still the underlying duty to help support the child with the specific skill deficit that the technology is there to support. When it comes to goals, if you want to have a goal to track your child use and ease of use with assistive technology, I believe there should then be a goal, including the use of assistive technology, and then another goal, addressing the skill deficit without the use of assistive technology. The underlying deficit and support in that area directly, if possible, must still be addressed meaning if spell check is helping with a child’s spelling, they still need support with spelling using the appropriate literacy based program and not solely reply on spell check!
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When it comes to requesting an evaluation from your District for special education eligibility, it is important to remember that the clock does not start to run from the date of the request for the evaluation but rather, it begins to run upon receiving parental consent for the evaluation. So when you send your written request (email is fine but confirm delivery), also write that that request is also your consent for the evaluation. ...

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Be sure to check the laws and regulations for your specific state when it comes to certain areas in special education! ...

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