We can push through the barriers together

Many things in life shouldn’t be done alone and getting through the special education waters is one of them.  It can be confusing, emotional and exhausting yet can be extremely rewarding.  Let us help your child get the resources to be successful.


All of our services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We understand some families simply want a little guidance and support while getting to understand special education laws. Alternatively, other families are looking for more in-depth support through research, coaching and direct representation.  Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the level of support you are looking for. 

Hello! I'm Lauren

Collaboration.  That is how I believe progress happens. I started Brylan Advocates because I saw a need for more collaboration and less heated debates around the IEP table and a child’s education.  After years of working in the private practice of law, I decided I wanted to be involved in a roundtable discussion rather than a courtroom. I believe this is more efficient and cost effective than litigation.  With knowledge, preparation and collaboration, we can help all children make progress and prepare them for a great future.