Like many things in life, you should never attempt to navigate the waters of special education on your own. It can be very difficult, unclear, and exhausting, yet it can also be quite gratifying. Allow your child to gain from the tools and assistance provided by Brylan Advocates so they can do anything.

Our clients’ needs are the focal point of every service we provide.  We acknowledge that some families are well-informed about the special education regulations in Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District, and only require little guidance and support. Some families, on the other hand, demand greater levels of mentorship, direct representation, and research assistance. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide you with the level of assistance you need. 

With the right information, planning, and cooperation, we can support every child’s development and set them up for success in the future. Brylan Advocates, who have over 20 years of experience, can assist you in comprehending your rights completely and maintaining your motivation and drive throughout the procedure. Get in touch with us right today to find out more about the various services we provide!

Parent Coaching in Buckingham, PA

Through our coaching program, Buckingham parents may assist their kids in developing strong, confident advocacy abilities. With our help, you can be sure that you are making the strongest possible educational case for your child in the Central Bucks School District. Remember that all parents actively engage in IEP sessions and have a legal right to information. We could use a video conference or phone call to provide remote coaching to people.

Comprehensive Review & Analysis in Buckingham, PA

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, Brylan Advocates carefully examines all of your child’s documents. Work samples, report cards, doctor’s notes, relevant school correspondence, 504/IEPs, and evaluations from public or private schools are all handled with the highest privacy. We can pick up on crucial nuances that are usually overlooked. We will then make recommendations for the best course of action moving forward in the Central Bucks School District. We welcome feedback and observations from the public.

School Placement in Buckingham, PA

As a trustworthy, neighborhood resource, we help families select the best learning environment for both their child and themselves in the Central Bucks School District. We choose a curriculum that will assist each student’s intellectual and personal growth in Buckingham in partnership with families and kids. With the help of Brylan Advocates, families will comprehend the many possibilities better, as well as how and why they are appropriate. When it comes to school placement, we can help over long distances.

Meeting Representation in Buckingham, PA

The significance and intense feelings surrounding the IEP/504/Eligibility Meeting at Buckingham, Pennsylvania are recognized by Brylan Advocates. Parents often come to a meeting with a well-defined plan in hand and leave feeling frustrated and disappointed. With years of experience in cooperation and mediation in the Central Bucks School District, we can support you in presenting a courteous and strong case for what’s best for your child.

Brylan Advocates supports families across the Central Bucks School District:

  • Central Bucks East High School
  • Central Bucks West High School
  • Central Bucks South High School
  • Holicong Middle School
  • Tohickon Middle School
  • Lenape Middle School
  • Unami Middle School 
  • Tamanend Middle School 
  • Buckingham Elementary School
  • Gayman Elementary School
  • Kutz Elementary School 
  • Bridge Valley Elementary School
  • Cold Spring Elementary School 
  • Doyle Elementary School

Get in Touch with Brylan Advocates Today!

We can assist every child advance and get ready for a bright future by providing them with information, planning, and teamwork. With more than 20 years of experience, Brylan Advocates will ensure that you are aware of all of your rights and that you remain determined and inspired throughout the procedure. To find out more about the various services we provide, get in touch with us today!